Monday, July 25, 2011

FMF Belladonna Tracker #1

Flattrack is until today almost unknown in Sweden, there haven't been one single Flattrack bike on a Swedish oval from what we know. We think this is strange since we have a long and strong left turn tradition in Sweden. The Flattrack discipline is growing rapidly in Europe and it is our dream and mission to see this racing culture spread across our borders.

So we contacted the super cool brand FMF to get a partner to build a bike (a bike that runs both on the streets and on the track) and show people that is hasn't have to cost a fortune and take a life time to get started.
We are going to follow the different moments of the project here on the blog to inspire many others many to do the same, to get one of the coolest racing discipline on track in our long country.

So we said with a little help from some friend not spend more than 2500 €
And not spend more than two month building it.

If this is possible, then we are going to have the bike on the track just before the snow start dropping down from the sky. We are living in a remote county and have absolutely no more knowledge in building trackers than what we know from building and tuning speedway bikes and trackers for streets, so if you have been racing Flattrack your hole life feel free to contribute with your ideas. We are not going to build an exhibition bike or a bike that for fill the regulations for a race in a series We are going the built an amateur Flattrack tryout bike the regular people can move some dirt with and maby later build one them self without having gold in their pockets.

Part two tomorrow, Find and get a Object.

//P:Belladonna is covered in dirt

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