Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FMF Belladonna Tracker project #2

FMF Belladonna trackerHistorical moment, Julius is on his first bikers adventure with his dad Pete and uncle Speedy.

FMF Belladonna tracker projectOld Brick Factory in Avesta Next to Dalälven, beautiful surroundings for buying the FMF Belladonna Tracker object.

FMF Belladonna tracker project
FMF racing Belladonna trackerThe FMF Belladonna tracker is on the way

FMF Belladonna tracker objectInto Pete that makes sure that it is securely fasten.

FMF Belladonna tracker 2The guy that we bought the bike from proudly showed us this piece of art.

A BMW replica from Russia with Speedway tires

Yes, suuper cool.

Pete is resting after heavy lifting in the rain

We stopped by super nice Håkan at Moon Eyes in the deepest Forrest's of Sweden for quick meeting and a lunch

Julius on his first bike, and probably not the last.

BDT Speedy and Håkan outside Moon Eyes and Håkan's Workshoop

One view that we passed by in 120 km/h

Picturesque Church somewhere in Sweden

Back in Stockholm

The FMF Belladonna tracker object is down in the BDT dungeon

TNX Peter for your support

After tree meetings with our new partner FMF (Flying Machine Factory), the Super cool brand that started in 1973 by legendary Don Emler in a garage in Hawthorne, CA. Almost 40 years later Uncle Donnie is still hands on building the latest performance racing art, we were set to find a bike for our project.

It took us nearly two week to find the object and it wasn't easy. We wanted a bike that was legal for the streets and could perform on a track, but couldn't cost more then 1400 € to hold our limited budget (which is not much for bike in Sweden, we think the prices are double up for a Mx bike in Sweden compared to the prices in for ex Usa). We were looking for a air cooled +500cc machine with a clean frame easy to modify for a new small tank and flat track seat unit.

We decided to go for the legendary Honda XR 600 . The XR series came in two versions, R and L. The R version bikes were designed for off-road riding; they had very few creature comforts, and tended to come standard with knobby off-road tires fitted. The R version bikes, without modification, generally were not street legal. The L version bikes were designed to be street legal dual sport models, with appropriate lighting, tires and other features needed to ride on public roads. We found a the R version, legal for small roads traveling back and forth to a practice or a race. With a collection of "I am on a way to a race" stories ( if we are going to be stopped by the Cop) we are able to use it legally on the streets.

We finally found a interesting object and went to Dalarna one rainy Sunday morning.

Read more about FMF and Don Emler here

Next Story: The bike and its parts.

//P:Belladonna have bought a fan.

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