Sunday, July 3, 2011

BDT makes people talk

Do you think we write stupid things sometimes? Well relax there is a reason.
It is proven that a brand spreads and grows best trough word of mouth and that is five times more likely if the experience is negative rather than pleasant. It is also proven trough a resent study that the world's population is composed of 95 percent idiots???
Well, you get the answer? We apply this cynical facts on our target-groups strategy whilst we are writing the posts that we want to spread as widely and effective as possible.

sorry all the 5 percent of lovers that the posts sometimes
can be a bit tasteless. When we sometimes write for the major 95 percent of the population and they're starts talking bullshit, five times the effect, Jackpot!! If we only had written smart stuff for smart people we would have had 50 000 readers, now we have 250,000, haha ​​and guess what they are saying? It is proven that the Swedish blog phenomenon Blondinbella's (stupid blond girl, eh or not?) readers consisted of 95 percent haters, the same readers that the same time made ​​her a multimillionaire, guess who gets the last bullshitting word..!?

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//P:Belladonna is a master of bullshit economy!

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