Monday, July 4, 2011

Old Guys Rules Tour Part 1

Old Guys Rules tour
Old Guys Rules tour belladonna
Old Guys Rules tour bikes
Old Guys Rules tour pictures
Old Guys Rules tour pics
Old Guys Rules tour 2011
Every years for the last 15 years a few members of BDT take part in bike trip trough Sweden. This Old Guys Rules tour once started for guys to get a way from the "things" in their daily life. They always start in a Finnish sauna and one week later ends up at bike meeting somewhere in Sweden. What's going on in the meetings stays at the meeting but the only thing i can say is that this weeks are intense, and it hasn't get any slower by the time the guys are getting older...

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//P:Belladonna, Old Guys Rules

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics of a phenomenon that is a must have for all guys, get together and do enjoyable things now and then!
OLD GUYS RULE.. perfect spice!