Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer in the city

Sara Nory, super friend, Love Warrior and the most beautiful women in Sweden

sara nory at bdtVon Sven agrees

sara nory at bdt 3Unidentified legs

sara nory at bdt 7Magnum feel it

sara nory at bdtI don't know how they got here, but hey, who cares!!

super snygga sara nory at bdtBDT ritual, environment, or not!

super snygga sara nory
super snygga sara nory

super snygga sara nory 2
super snygga sara nory 3
© Vladimir Rodjenko
The BDT buoys have a hard time focus on building bikes for the moment, every single night hot Swedish girls are popping up in the dungeon looking for some attention and a little summer adventure. Well we are not hard to persuade, especially when it comes to Sara Nory our oldest friend and nominated to be most the most beautiful women in Sweden according to the biggest entertainment web magazine in Sweden She wanted some pictures for her blog so BDT member and photographer Vladimir Rodjenko got to Work, and we LOOve the result!! Sara and Stephanie, our Casa is your Casa, any time!!

//P:Belladonna is living under a tree

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bobx said...

legs pic kicks ass!