Monday, August 8, 2011

Belladonna goes Pride Paraden #1

BDT pride parade T-Shirt production

Preparation for war

BDT Love warriors goes Pride

Always first in the Pride parade, dykes on bikes

The beauty and the beast, who's who??

Easy rider??

New members

Follow the guy with the drum

Bea is recruiting new members

And they haven't even got out on the main street..

Horny people have more fun..

For sure..

This years theme of the Pride parade was about breaking norms, so our messengers of love felt obliged to participate. The BDT Love Warrior army declared war against the norms a long time ago. What the pride parade want to manifest this day is a normal day in the life of a Love Warrior 24-7, 365 days a year, so they were happy that for one day get some help from another 500 000 people in their mission of creating a world without prejudices and social conformation.
One day of the year freaks and perverts, dissidents and social outsiders are happily cheered by thousands of people secretly fantasizing that they one day will be released of the burden of the ordinary and maybe one day get out of the box and join in...

But the Love Warriors don't need a special day or a parade to manifest what they think should be obvious, a world were everything different should make a difference..

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//P:Belladonna feet hurts..

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