Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FMF Belladonna tracker #3

FMF Belladonna tracker first mock-up

Original height with new tank and seat

The XR rests, 5 kilos..

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Co mechanic Simon Cederquist with the Belladonna tracker project #5

The Yamma is going off the lift to leave space for the Honda

The Honda is on the lift

Garage view

5 min beer break

Magnum joins in

Heavy mother fucker

Wang bang thank you mam..

Lowered 15 cm and 9 kilos later

Todays mission, loose weight, the Honda FMF Belladonna tracker project is going apart and we want it to be as light as possible. With some consultancy from long-track word champion Joonas Kylmäkorpi we agreed to loose the back shock linkage and connect the shock direct from the frame into the swing-arm and save 4 kilos. Joonas that raced in Netherlands the other week got the opportunity to see his first flat track race, he gave us several great ideas about the setup.
After a few hours of fighting the shock and the air filter box was out, we have got a new flat track seat from Japan and a short Yamaha TW tank that matches the design of the seat (You want to move forward towards the handlebar wile cornering on the small tracks i Sweden). We are going to replace the heavy air filter box with a light K&N filter, and check the jetting. We lowered the bike to a hight which we felt was cool (we got some tips from the trackers in Italy) Next step is to find the right suspension and the right tires, we also need a 18 inc rim for the front wheel (no we are not going for normal 19 inc front/rear since it going to be to expensive), but more on that in the next post.

//P:Belladonna is dirty

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