Friday, August 19, 2011

The week that went and the life to become

BDT and their partners, TLFI, FMF, Metal Mulisha and Old Guys Role are selling clothes at the fashion week at the ultra hip fashion Fair Boutique Fräch

BDT at the street fashion fair, here with party legend Jonas

Super cool tattoos

BDT Love warrior camp night, BDT is all about helping people in a need

Karate lessons in the dungeon

Graduation ceremony

A well needed brake, with energy drinks..

Sights in Stockholm

Dinner at a Tai beach

Mocycle designer Moses is....???I am confused, he never told me what!

Cool dude at söder

BDT is taking a nap

BDT Public transportation

Half way home after a hectic night

Payman at work

Next step, new tires

FMF Belladonna tracker in progress

New Solutions for the FMF Belladonna tracker

Get the picture?

Who needs a explanation, take a sip and shut up!

Speedway legend Pelle"Brake a leg" and BDT Speedy late summer dinner with a view

This is a small selection of pictures from our week, hope we survive the next one since we decided to turn up the heat even more..

//P:Belladonna, is that possible??

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