Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BDT at the Show

2000 people

Back stage at the show, no other extern photographer were permitted.

Super old friend and Pop star Kayo with Love warrior #109

Chilling between the show

Love warrior #109 and Love warrior #143, pictures not published yet

Ready for the the BDT Fuck Fashion show in October

More than hundreds model met the sheering crowd

We promise to cover the craziest thing going on in our Nordic country, yesterday night it was one of those nights. Hundreds of smashing beautiful babes was walking on the catwalk in creations making the Victoria Secrets Fashion show look like a school event.
BDT was invited not only because 20 of the super cool model are Love warriors, no because every event planner want a part of the unique BDT Spirit. We are like walking bottles of Tabasco putting a spice in every room we enter, the little extra flavor that makes things pop out. 20 Love warriors also took the opportunity to rehearse on walking in x-tra high heel for the "BDT FUCK FASHION SHOW" in Oktober..

//P:Belladonna is compensating..