Sunday, September 18, 2011

BDT's week ends here

Pelle "brake a leg" Jansson and BDT Speedy

Fully loaded 9a clock in the Sunday morning

Motocross breakfast

Kalle " Carlito Vaganza" Lindgren is lubing up

Don't mess with this guys

Kalle in the rain

BDT Speedy in action

Kalles beautiful little daughter

Kalle is making her proud

BDT finished a hectic week at the track. From Monday in Berlin shooting a story with Simon Cederquist for Galleries Lafayette home, Wednesday working with a new Love Warrior from Dalarna for Vladimir Rodjenko exhibition" Young girls with guns" to Thursday, plan the Racing event next Sunday to Friday, meeting with all the Love Warriors for the big party in October and Saturday, DJ at a new Hotel bar with our new friend from Berlin Conny until this beautiful Sunday that we spend with all the loved ones at the track. A Crazy but fantastic week...TNX every body for making our life fabulous.

//P:Belladonna is smiling

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