Thursday, September 15, 2011

Behind the scenes with Love Warrior # 141

You know us, we Love to use superlatives, but in this case superlatives is not enough. When Love Warrior # 141 contacted us and wanted to join our army we didn't believe our ears (and eyes). We sat up a date for a meeting and she told us that she just had to check the time table for the trains. We taught the subway train, but it was not.

Our New love warrior lives faaaar away in the country in a remote city with only 150 residents. She got the train and with just a bag on her shoulder she entered the deep dark dungeons of BDT. Without any fear she totally hi jacked our hearts, both the dudes and the babes. And when we one day later ended up shooting under a subway bridge late on the Saturday night with Vladimir Rodjenko for his exhibition "Love Warriors", she didn't have any problem wearing just a chicken..

//P:Belladonna is saying sorry to all the people walking their dogs close to St:Eriks bridge on the Saturday night.

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