Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Belladonna does Berlin

BDT is back in a sunny Berlin

BDT Simon and Speedy at the Sunday market

Our new friend Conny followed us everywhere

New German Love warrior

Conny enjoyed her perspective

Conny likes getting hugged, who is she??

Rave in the park

Just another back yard

Favorite cafe, were a construction company just removed a Banksy painting, by mistake

We love street art

And bikes

One of the few remaining buildings in East Berlin wort taking a picture of, the rest looks like expensive hotels

Belladonna does the Berlin night

The best hamburgers in the world

Our burgers are ready..

Chili burger with bacon and cheese

Simon dancing in the street

Conny under pressure

Bar view in Kreuzberg

Conny is getting waisted, creepy but tree drinks later she started to twist her head. We left her in a dark alley, but when we got home she was sleeping in our bed??

Holocaust memorial place
Belladonna Simon, Speedy, Vladimir and Love warrior #109 went down to work in Berlin. They did a gigantic shoot for galleries Lafayette, but as soon they was finished they did the city.
The BDT members loves Berlin since it has a strong resemblance with the rebellious BDT Spirit. The Creative part of Berlin is struggling hard not to be a victim of the money makers that cleans up and transforms cities into sanitarian napkins. The Berlin intelligentsia has a integrity we seldom meet, but everything has a price. A couple of month ago a famous art collective that host a gigantic building and a last outpost in the middle of the commercial city sold their soul and the contract to a big Hotel Chain.. Will see how long the Berliners can hold in, we sadly remember when the the unique 42 street in NewYork become a part of Disney word.

//P:Belladonna do remember

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