Saturday, September 17, 2011

The preparation for the FUCK FASHION SHOW

Love warrior # 137 is donating a bra

Magnum is setting the beat

Super cool Designer and owner of DE PALMA is one of the partners along with TLFI and FMF

Love warrior #109 closeup

BDT was gathered with the Love warriors army in the dungeon to prepare the FUCK FASHION SHOW. The FF show is going to be the main attraction at the BIG party that we are going to throw in October. Makeup was planned, the clothes was planned, and the music by BDT Member Magnum Coltrane Price was set. The Beat was set to 125 bpm, that is the only thing a can reveal, the rest is going top be a secret.
And as usual when the Love warrior are together everything get out of hand, if they were able knock themself up, we would have to set a kindergarten in 9 month...

//P:Belladonna thinks he is little bit cooler than he really is


DJ Lastword said...

I want to see the show and come to the party. Any more info?

Anonymous said...