Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shots of Kern

Photos by Love Warrior # 126

Super star photographer Richard Kern and Vice magazine was in town for a photo shot and a exhibition, and guess who gets a phone call?? Yes of cause are we in a assistance when a true inspiration of us needs a hot model for his photo-shot. Richard Kern and his Crew went trough the whole entire BDT blog searching for a cool candidate for the "Shots by Kern concept", Richard Kern fell for Love Warrior # 126. She was overwhelmed when we called her and told her that Richard Kern was interested of working with her for his pictures and a film for Vice TV.

Richard Kern is among Terry Richarson, Robert Mapplethorpe, Juergen Teller and few other photographer, artists that forever have changed our perspective of erotic photography. From being hidden in a box far under the bed erotic photography have been mixed up with art and reached our coffee tables and the fancy galleries. Every social changes has its pioneers and revolutionaries and Richard Kern is for sure one of them. Before Ricard Kern and few other artists it was rather difficult to cross the invisible but clear line between erotic photography and art, Richard Kern was breaking the ice and making the artistic landscape a universe bigger, today we can see the result in almost every cutting edge fashion magazine.

Richard Kern is refreshingly honest as he speaks about sex and his pictures, and why not, what is it about the social hangup that makes it so difficult for people to express their sexual desires. We discuss the design of our latest i-phone but when we comment on a womens breast we are categorized as perverts or male chauvinist, well as a reader of this blog you know its all about moral hypocrisy. People have no problem viewing hundreds of people getting killed in different movies at the tv-set every night, but when a women shows her boobs society start to tremble..

//P:Belladonna likes boobs

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