Sunday, September 25, 2011

Total succes for BDT's DIRTY SUNDAY

Joonas Kylmikorpi's English Mechanic Paul and BDT Speedy

Dj Camel toe

Richard from FMF

Mats From Old Guys Rule

Old guys Rule

Stockholm Tracker Reunion

Street tracker revolution

The pit was crowded with interested visitors

World Champion Joonas Kylmikorpis Speedway school

Joonas before and after pictures..( we get the x-ray pictures tomorrow))

MOON EYES Håkan in his new BDT T Shirt

Love warrior #109 is serving hot burgers

Dinner time

In between the race rest

Friends forever

Pelle Brake a leg is focused

Kalle has a fucking beautiful style

Trackers on the track

Yea, Dirty Sunday it was !!!

The trackers are heeding back to town

Old Eldarna crew and riders

What could we say, this was a fucking fantastic day, actually one of the best days in the history of BDT. This is what is all about, hang out with your buddies, race, smile, talk shit, drink coffee and make even more friends... The weather was great, the track was awesome, the music and food was rocking and visitors was sent from heaven.
Super friend and new Long track Word champion Joonas Kylmikorpi spared us some of his precious time and gave speedway lessons to over whelmed visitors. Well, do you have time watch him tomorrow in the the semi finals in England (final in Sweden in a week) Do you live in Sweden and have channel 10 then you got it all sorted out, seven a clock.
The day ended with racing from the gate, rumors says that BDT Speedy raced so much that they had to carry him out off the track..that was after he misses every start and got his face sprayed with a half of ton of Dirt!!


//P:Belladonna loves dirt!!

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