Sunday, October 2, 2011

BDT by night

First Marie Laveau with BDT member "Hard on" David

Then Next To Cafe Opera for Sara's farewell party

Tickets for a ride

Next to BDT with greatest babes on earth

A well needed rest

Conny never misses a party

We are celebrating a new super cool partnership

We lost Speedy somewhere on a bench, please contact us if you find him..

BDT is partying like there is no tomorrow, how in fact Speedy got up and went to the track 4 hours later is a miracle. BDT went to one of the oldest night clubs in Sweden, Cafe Opera, the place for the rich and famous. Our friend and Love Warrior Sara held her Farwell party, she is leaving for New york. At Cafe Opera BDT witnessed something they never have seen before, men in suits were buying champagne and instead of drinking it they sprayed it on the babes and their friends.
We get it, if you won a world championship or similar it could be a great idea but spend a fortune on booze and then waste it??? But what could a i say BDT LOVES stupid things and since we just had signed a great partner chip agreement, we needed to celebrate.
On the way back to the dungeon we stopped by a local bar and bought a closed bottle of Bubbel, and yes it was fun as hell!!! We are never going to talk shit about the creepy people around stureplan again (a place in stockholm were the fake people hang out) What a brilliant idea, sexy as hell and you can take your bike home...

//P:Belladonna is köttig

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