Saturday, October 15, 2011

The BDT Way #399

Belladonna is indeterminate. Some would say that BDT is a collective of artists, musicians, dancers, party people, thinkers, creative minds, etc. Others would say that they are only the frivolous who initiative frivolity. That’s fine too. BDT would like to think that they serve as an outlet for creative minds dedicated to the preservation of all things important to them. They would also like to think that what they are doing, is the only things they are doing, which is just that: the act of doing. A little bit too general? Maybe. Not specific enough? Sure. But they are no different than you, or anybody else. And just like you and everybody else in the world, rather than trying to define ourselves to a precision, BDT would rather just do things to keep moving, because they would rather be victims of their own charade, than being fools who don’t do anything at all. BDT is not hype, not now, not then, not best, not high, not low, not juicy, not street, not scene, not punk, not rock, not rich, not poor, just Belladonna.

//P:Belladonna is cleaning the dirt off

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