Sunday, October 2, 2011

Speedy at the track

Out little friend Hugo tried for the first time

Speedy is a late starter, he is back is on the track when the season practically is over. After tree weekends riding the dirt he has broke his record, by not wrecking the bike. Speedy has one unbeatable record on a speedway bike, to crash every third heat he raced. But something has happen?? What it is we don't have a clue but the audience is disappointed, before when Speedy's name was announced in the speakers everybody was gathered around the track, to see the next crash. Speedy's old mechanic Peter wasn't counting points, because it wasn't that many to keep track on, he was counting the costs of all the fucked up parts that was wrecked, and it was a lot. Peter did't care about Speedys broken bones, once Speedy crashed Peter quickly ran down to the track to look after!

God old days, TNX Peter for your patience LOVE!

//P:Belladonna is back on the track

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