Monday, November 14, 2011

BDT's new ride, Bolinder-Munktell

BDT visited Pete, a member that just moved out to the country. While we was searching his gigantic farm we found this beautiful piece of machinery in a old barn. What could we say, we are in love, we got the old machine going and took it for a spin on the the small country roads and yes this by it self is a reason to leave the big city and move out into the country side. We got lost in the deep forests and since the telephone lacked connection we wasn't home until dinner, deep frozen.

AB Bolinder-Munktell (BM) was a tractor and machines manufacturer founded in Eskilstuna, Sweden in 1932 through the merger of the mechanical companies Bolinder and Munktell. Bolinder was a large marine engine builder that in the 1920s had 80 percent of the world engine market.

//P:Belladonna is deep in dirt

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