Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last night party #1 Lådan MC 20 year

BDT visited LÅDAN's 20 year celebration party last night. LÅDAN MC is one of the coolest clubs in Sweden ( NO, BDT IS NOT A MC CLUB, BDT IS JUST A CRAZY MOVEMENT CREATED BY A GROUP OF BLACK CHEAPS MINDS). Lådan MC is in to Cafe racers and British bikes and are the guys behind the Mods Vs Rockers in Sweden, one of the best bike gatherings in Stockholm every summer. BDT really loved their workshop/hangout and all the unfinished bike project that are waiting to make the streets unsafe. The night continued as always to regions that definitely puts a check mark in the box, no i am not going to heaven..

Part two tomorrow..

//P:Belladonna cant wait..

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Manx said...

Correction: we're a bunch of old bastards, this was the Lådan MC 20 YEARS celebration party (not 10 years). Believe it or not. / Manx