Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last night party

The women liberation movement " Love warriors" got together last night and discussed their big quest in life! How to release themselves from the prejudices of society. They want to reclaim the ownership over their own bodies. The BDT Love Warrior army have been accused of being sexistic, but that is totally wrong.
Since the beginning of our modern time the female body has been an object of projection for peoples suppressed desires. Porn and fashion are showing women that are open to whatever the observer have in mind. Poor people fill their life's with fantasies of things that they are to afraid to get for themselves. The Christian male society have equated the naked female body with their own dirty taughts. The Love Warriors knows that women do everything in their power to fulfill the male constructed image of the women, every room they enter they think, am i enough, am i loved?
But the Love Warriors think differently, they know that their sexuality and body doesn't belong to loosers and wankers, they have the same right as men to go crazy without anyone thinking anything else. Its all about them and what they want, they are just doing it for themselves and they give a shit what people think, they are in command. They maybe look like they want to fuck and maybe they do, but they decide with who and the person who just dare to "think" different get big fat kick in the ass..

//P:Belladonna knows what happen when women are in control.


Elle Frostegard said...

ooo... wished i hade been there!!!!



Mickla said...

It was fun as always to see ya guys! Love the pictures and misses you allready! Take care!