Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The week that went

Dinner with top photographers Simon Cederquist and Filip Cederholm

Just cant let go..say cheese! Check out Filip's new project here

Visual effect manager Simon Cederquist

BDT Love Warrior Cindy at Gamex, Swedish gaming fair

A true old friend

New Love Warrior pictures is soon coming up

Preparing for Halloween

Cutting the eyes out

Hardcore biker zombies

Halloween Shoot with Vladimir Rodjenko

Some Monsters wasn't that scary

Speedy in his favorite True Love false idols t-shirt

Love warrior #145 is soon on a tv near you.

"White week" alternative activities

Legendary model Elita Löfblad for dinner and photo planning, like her here

Inspired by the super cool bar Hogs and Heifers i NewYork, another bra donation..

A beautiful sight in the dungeon

The new chair are little bit tricky to handle

You get is what you get..

Tears in the eyes, story telling in the dungeon

Signing a model release contract (every model does that)

Love warrior Captain and head stylist Sindy Sinn is relaxing

Give me your heart, or die..

New props for future photo shoots

Cindy chilling at a photo shoot

You are looking at pictures from another "ordinary" week in the life of BDT. Yes we can agree that is sometimes hard to cope with society's reality when we wake up in the afternoon the day after a crazy night, but we can´t understand why some people choose to live their life so fucking boring when its so easy just to loose it up and let go. Maybe we understand that it is not that easy, the easiest things are the hardest especially when people are doing whats expected of them instead of what they really want to do.
But we wonder sometimes who are the fucked up ones, uptight people standing in bars and clubs pretending they are having fun while fantasizing about something totally different or us that just do what ever we like and desire. Once experienced this honest craziness its hard to go for less, and sorry to say the trendier the places gets, the sadder they become. If you are into showing off, show off, if you are into meeting people open your self and if you are into loving, start loving for real, stop FUCKING faking it!!

//P:Belladonna is alive

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