Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year!!

BDT wishes everybody a happy new year!!

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Differnt is dangerous, or not?

Sorry to brake it, but the world is not flat and mankind are not a product of divine powers

Manet challenged the foundations of the academic tradition in France and was due to this victim of controversy and ridicule. This was mainly due to the female characters' undisguised nakedness, which was perceived as extremely offensive to an audience who could appreciate the open eroticism only if it had the correct classical costume.

Duchamp lacked faith in art itself, and he sought to replace aesthetic values in his new world with an aggressive intellectualism opposed to the so-called common-sense world

In 1998, the University of Central England was involved in a controversy when a book by photographer Mapplethorpe was confiscated. A final-year undergraduate student was writing a paper on the work of Robert Mapplethorpe and intended to illustrate the paper with a few photographs from Mapplethorpe, a book of the photographer's work. She took the photographs to the local chemist to be developed and the chemist informed West Midlands Police because of the unusual nature of the images.

The police confiscated the library book from the student and informed the university that the book would have to be destroyed. If the university agreed to the destruction, no further action would be taken. The university Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Peter Knight, supported by the Senate, took the view that the book was a legitimate book for the university library to hold and that the action of the police was a serious infringement of academic freedom.

The Vice-Chancellor was interviewed by the police, under caution, with a view to prosecution under the terms of the Obscene Publications Acts. After the interview with the Vice-Chancellor, a file was sent to the Crown Prosecution Service as the Director of Public Prosecutions has to take the decision as to whether or not to proceed with a trial. After a delay of about six months, the affair came to an end when Dr. Knight was informed by the DPP that no action would be taken

DIFFERENT IS DANGEROUS, society do everything in its power to defeat it, by cultural, political and religious values and regulations. This conformed regulations makes sure that no one passages the fine line of the ordinary, since different tends to shake and make people's world insecure.

When expressions of different could be a slap in the face for a hole society it could half a century later attract thousands of visitors to different fancy museums, making people switch opinion over night saying - what was it that i said. Because its not until different is accepted by a "higher force" its going to be apart of peoples daily life.

We think different, we think different its beautiful, different is creativity and the essence of evolution. When people see obscene, devious, bizarre, perverted, strange things we see a new light, we see change, we see art and the beginning of something great. In fact we cant even understand why people sometimes are offended by the different, what in their minds makes things dirty, twisted and obscene?

So here comes a new year, open your mind enrich your life with something new stop struggling the alternative way and embrace it. Practice, for every situation you encounter and have fixed opinion, think the total opposite, embrace that new perspective for a while, slowly leave your box and realize in the most remote feeling and taughts lays a never encountered undiscovered world of new possibility's, different makes difference...

Every picture above have through history turned peoples life around, and in the future there are more pictures to see the daylight...

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The heroes of our life

Great art annoys the crap out of people

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BDT Book club #2, "The Man Cave"

After the wedding, most men swallow their egos, phase out their buddies, and choke back tears as they watch their homes collect bizarre items like gravy boats, potpourri, and vacuum cleaners. They sacrifice, stamp out their past, and even throw out the essentials - those must-have items like the Redskins couch with built-in beer holders, the original Atari that no longer works, and the stuffed falcon heads.

But there's a better way. A sanctuary where a man can resurrect the glory of his past and cherish his hobbies without ever disrupting his family. The Man Cave."The Man Cave Book" shows even the most domesticated man how to create the refuge of his dreams. Chapters and sidebars include: interviews with award-winning man cave owners; Q&As with key experts; The First Man Cave in America; man caves as therapy; When money is no object - The Gentleman's Cave; a man cave on a budget; tricks for convincing your wife you should build a man cave; the man cubby - when you lack room for an actual cave; the Woman Cave - fact or fiction?

Does a single guy need a man cave? Forbidden activities in man caves (changing diapers, emoting); 10 warning signs you've been in your man cave too long; and, clutter - it can be an art form. So why are you still reading this? Grab your old tool belt, get some dirt on your pleated pants, and start building your very own Man Cave. Your wife will thank you.

Buy the book here

Check out the Man cave boom here

Check a Swedish article here (translate it if you want)

//P:Belladonna knows a man cave filled with women

Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday with BDT

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The last days of 2011

BDT and the Gourmé Restaurang Gq invited to dinner to celebrate, to start with that BDT Member Joonas Kylmakorpi became World champion the second year in a row and that the BDT blog reached +300 000 different readers..(TNX to you).

Love Warrior and super model Elita Löfblad and her friend Bea was invited, read Elitas Blog here.

Happy super master chef Jurgen Grossman and BDT Speedy.

One of the 7 dishes, and a different glass of whine for every dish..

Long track world Champion Joonas Kylmakorpi gets a well needed rest from risking his life on the Speedway track.

Head of Kitchen Marcus is surprising every body with his amazing art.

Photographer Simon Cederquist joined in a little bit later at the amazing Restaurant GQ

Andrei and Bea found each other

The BDT boys have been nice ....or not

Christmas dinner alá BDT

Our absolute favorite band Kriget (the war) is performing

Gustav Bendt on Wikipedia

Listen to Krigets music here, I really mean it!!

Motorcycle clothes designer Mooses from Mocycle

Speedy and old BDT member John from the famous rock band JohnOssi,
listen to his music here

Love Warrior Sindy Sinn and legendary bartender Love van Guilt

Biker and musician Gustav Bendt is collecting some Christmas love

BDT Speedy and Sindy sin in action

There is no tomorrow..

Old guys rules

BDT have been buzy the last days of the year. They have been invited to Restaurant GQ for a seven course meal, one of the best restaurants in Sweden (you have to try it, book you table here). Later into the night they have been occupied stretching the days to the maximum. Now is not that much left of 2011, no time wasting sitting here writing...

//P:Belladonna is going for the next one..