Friday, December 30, 2011

The last days of 2011

BDT and the Gourmé Restaurang Gq invited to dinner to celebrate, to start with that BDT Member Joonas Kylmakorpi became World champion the second year in a row and that the BDT blog reached +300 000 different readers..(TNX to you).

Love Warrior and super model Elita Löfblad and her friend Bea was invited, read Elitas Blog here.

Happy super master chef Jurgen Grossman and BDT Speedy.

One of the 7 dishes, and a different glass of whine for every dish..

Long track world Champion Joonas Kylmakorpi gets a well needed rest from risking his life on the Speedway track.

Head of Kitchen Marcus is surprising every body with his amazing art.

Photographer Simon Cederquist joined in a little bit later at the amazing Restaurant GQ

Andrei and Bea found each other

The BDT boys have been nice ....or not

Christmas dinner alá BDT

Our absolute favorite band Kriget (the war) is performing

Gustav Bendt on Wikipedia

Listen to Krigets music here, I really mean it!!

Motorcycle clothes designer Mooses from Mocycle

Speedy and old BDT member John from the famous rock band JohnOssi,
listen to his music here

Love Warrior Sindy Sinn and legendary bartender Love van Guilt

Biker and musician Gustav Bendt is collecting some Christmas love

BDT Speedy and Sindy sin in action

There is no tomorrow..

Old guys rules

BDT have been buzy the last days of the year. They have been invited to Restaurant GQ for a seven course meal, one of the best restaurants in Sweden (you have to try it, book you table here). Later into the night they have been occupied stretching the days to the maximum. Now is not that much left of 2011, no time wasting sitting here writing...

//P:Belladonna is going for the next one..

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