Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BDT at the bikers party

BDT was invited to a party by a bikers club to a remote industrial area far outside Gothenburg on Saturday night. BDT wasn't hard to convince since 4 strippers was promised to be at the pole. Once we got there 2 a clock in the morning the party was full speed a head, naked women, bar fights, open outside fire and cheap booze. Well what more can you ask for??
But we got more..!!??Almost everybody recognized us from the blog and treated us like rock-stars!!?? We haven't experienced so much love since our mothers breast feeded us and it didn't take long until Love warrior Cindy Sinn discovered the body fluid covered strip poole...AHH!!

TNX, Svineri MC

//P:Belladonna's body is bruised

1 comment:

DG said...

It was really good having you over.
I hope to see you soon again =) //47