Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The FMF Belladonna tracker

We got the assignment from FMF Apparel to show people that is easy and "cheap" to build a tracker and get going on the track.
We got the budget of 2000 Euro and a 100 hour building time range, we got it under 2000 but maybe passed the time range a little bit...
The project is built on a Honda xr 600 ( witch you easily can find cheap on Ebay). We re-cycled every thing except the tank (Yamaha tw), seat (no name from Japan), tires (Dunlop K 180 18/80/130), front wheel ( 18 Yamaha) and exhaust/silencer ( home made).
This summer the bike is going to work as a try out bike during four different practice events in Stockholm.
Hope to see you on your own tracker soon, there is a erupting volcano going on in our New FaceBook group for all the people in to Flat trackers, join your self

//P:Belladonna already joined!!

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