Sunday, January 29, 2012

Over and out!

LinkPhotographer Johan Söderström from Motorrad is doing a story about our new FMF BDT Tracker

A normal sight around the BDT tracker

TNX Svineri MC for the Great after party, a classical hoe down!

Flattrack rider Thomas Weigl from Germany

The Guys from Valen custom shop
BDT just finished the Motorcycle exhibition "ON TWO WHEELS" in Gotheburg, the attention around the FMF Belladonna Tracker has been enormous. The interest for Flattrack is shown to be as big as we taught. It is when people gather around a passion that something happens and it will we promise you, update later this week of all the great news. And tomorrow pictures of the " FMF BELLADONNA TRACKER", do as as everybody else join our Flattrack group on face book "FLATTRACK SWEDEN"

//P:Belladonna heading home

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#15 said...

Hey I know the guy in the blue shirt! he rides one of the fastest trackers in europe!