Monday, February 6, 2012

Fuck fashion week

BDT have their own view of the most, fashion included. When Fashion week started last week BDT did the same, but we call it "Fuck Fashion Week", Ordinary fashion, "do like everybody else and think that you are unique" doesn't work for us.. We like the different, the things that really are unique and the paradox is that "fashion" is not. Fashion is a concept of someone create and the rest follow, create and follow, create and follow, create and follow, create and follow, ah you get it..!?
We know that every love searching person gets satisfaction to be a part of the larger group that makes up the rules, we would like to say the same but we don't. We like to do things our way no matter what trends and other people thinks.
Here are some pics from our crazy gatherings, Do you think people look beautiful, i tell you a secret its not the clothing, it comes from the inside..

//P:Belladonna need a stylist

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