Sunday, May 27, 2012

BDT at the Gotheburg Grand prix

Belladonna Speedy with the Flatrack FIM President Armado Castanga and the SSI (Svemo) crew Patrik Rosenlund och Jon Lindberg

 The SSI FMF and Belladonna pit in Gotheburg

Swedish dare devil Tomas H Jonasson

 BDT member Andreas Jonsson and his son Vincent

 Super cool Greg Hancock and fan

Andreas Jonsson Mekanic Dudi

BDT pit

 The BDT FMF tracker

 BDT Speedy and Pete

 BDT Cindy and the Monster girls

 Head of Speedway in Sweden Patrik Rosenlund and BDT Cindy

 Head Of Motocross in Norway and Svemo crew

The Head of Speedway In Sweden, the SSI crew

 Chris Holder

 Antonio Lindbäck

 13 000 super stoked visitors

 On the podium in Gothenburg

 The Winner of the Gotheburg Speedway grand prix Fredrik Lindgren

BDT Speedy and awesome friend and world champion Greg Hankock

BDT went to Gotenburg with SSI( the Swedish motocycle fedaration) to promote flattrack in Sweden. We had a very interresting meeting with head of FIM Flattrack, Armando Castanga and SSI about the Future of Flattrack in Sweden.
We displayed the new FMF Belladonna tracker and took the opportunity to catch up with all our great racing friends.
 The Racing was one of a kind and the hoole event was spectacular. We had one of the best days of this year, Thx Everbody for a Awesome day!!

//P:Belladonna is up in the blue

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