Sunday, July 22, 2012

Golden Tyre is here

I remember when i the first time laid my eyes on a pair of Goodyear Eagle, it was 8 years ago at 6 st Motorcycle in New York, far way down in alphabet city. I was looking for rubber for my new Yamma street tracker project, super nice Hugh at 6 st Motorcycle informed me that the eagle wouldn't fit between the fork legs on my project. He recommended Dunlop K180, a sort of a copy he told me, slicker a little bit cheaper and first of all they would fit on my Yamma.
He gave me a number to call and it wasn't until  hours later after my order i realized who i have been talking with for almost an hour about speedway, Sweden, racing and life i general, the person was Gary Nixon.
I was a little disappointed when Goodyear eagle was taken out of production, but i was pretty satisfied that i could get the K 180 in the shop around the corner, but there is one problem, if you want a +110 on a 19inc front wheel you are pretty Fu***ked. Maxxis Produces fat front tires, but we don't  think they are as cool as the K 180 or the Pirelli Mt 60, (for custom off road use)

So it is with great pleasure we open the package from Fantastic Dutch brother this morning i find this awesome pair of art. Golden Tyre (27.7 X 7.5/19) are from what we heard developed with European Flat track racer Marco Belli. They are a brilliant mix of Goodyear, Dunlop and Maxxis. We are going to put them on our next project, let us know what you think of them and we forward it to Dutch brothers  and Marco Belli.

Ps. Thank you one more time Dutch brothers, looking forward to meet you in august.

//P:Belladonna is electric

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