Sunday, July 8, 2012

BDT is Flying high

No riding in the pit!!

Back to Sweetspoot  and the young FMX elite is preparing for a show

10 years old!!!

10-14 years old where high flying

The Swedish Fmx elite with Skilled and Rackartygarna

Tom is in the air

Niklas is working on his Metal Mulisha cap

Kevin is watching the sky

Micke is going all in

Autograph signing

Lars, Manager of Skilled BDT Speedy and FMX Legend Fredrik Johansson

Lars is preparing BBQ for everybody

BDT and Metal Mulisha spend the weekend with the young talented Mx and Fmx people, once a year they are gathered outside the beautiful town Nynäshamn just south of Stockholm. Here the young riders try their racing skills against each other, aprox 250 riders showed up with their teams, friends and families. After the race everybody went over next door to Sweetspoot to check out the FMX show and have some BBQ made by master Lars. We had an awesome weekend with great racing and lovely people. THX everybody!!

More pictures at Metal Mulisha Sweden

//P:Belladonna is up in the blue

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Picture #2 . Hot Blond .You signed her up for Love Warrior photo shoot , right ?