Thursday, August 2, 2012

Buzzy times for BDT

Oh no!!There are no vacation for the BDT staff this summer, we have a buzzy schedule that never ends, but we have never felt better, a dream is coming true.  

1. We are planning an event next weekend that are going to change racing history in Sweden. Press info soon.
2. We are planning a BIG event with the Swedish FMX elite and Flat track racing later this summer.
3. We have precisely sign a sponsors deal with one of the coolest racing brands in the world.(more on that later)
4. We are going to host super-cool extra ordinary racing guys from Europe next weekend and a few more weeks later.
5. Next Dirty Sunday is coming up soon, flat track practice, Djs, Speedway try out and party.
6. We participate in the Pride parade the second year in a road, join us!
7. We are finishing up the Love Warrior Exhibition with Vladimir Rodjenko, he has promised us 20 new never shown super hot models, more on that soon as well.
8. We are finishing up our latest bike project, a Kawa Kx 250 Tracker, pictures sooooon
9. I almost forgot, we have been elected into the board of one the elite Speedway clubs in Sweden, we have some great news as well, very very soon...

And in between that, we try to get at least 50 km a day on the bikes and that is only a start....

Ah you get it no laying on the beach for us the next coming weeks........

//P:Belladonna is sipping on a strawberry margarita

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