Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flat track in Sweden

 Meeting with Svemo/ SSI, FIM refugee and the Dutch Brothers

Jan Willem is talking about Mefo cup

Svemo staff is listening

 Dicks mc stopped by
 The first start !

 Krister Gardell and Jon Lindberg with riders

 Super tasty food was served by supers sweet staff

  FIM refugee Krister Gardell making up some rules

  Skilled Fmx Micke Whalström is trying out the FmF Tracker

 Speedy super proud of his gift from Dutch brothers

 BDT Freddie with Jan Willem in tight second corner

 Skilled Maria posing in Dutch brother clothes

 Second start

 Speedway star Adam Shields and Jan Willem in his new BDT T-shirt

 The day was ended in the beautiful county with a crayfish party, the Dutch men really enjoyed our Swedish tradition..or??

 The hole crew posing, thx everybody for an amazing day

Finally the day D, the day when Svemo introduce Flat track in Sweden. We have been working for this for ages so when we finally met up with the awesome guys from Dutch Brother that we got in contact with on line for the first time a couple of years ago it felt like a meeting with the family.
The press was eager to hear about our ideas and vision for the sport, people had great food and the afternoon ended up with great racing. After we went far out in beautiful countryside for a dinner at BDT Petes ranch.
It is unbelievable that this is true, but it is now when the real works starts. Check our more info at our Flat track face book group,  Flat track Sweden

//P:Belladonna is still sleeping 

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