Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not just any sunday

 Jan Willem and Adam Shields are getting down

Flat track kommer till sverige

 Pre race stretch out

 Love warrior preparing for race

 Speedway school with BDT Love warrior Sindy Cinn

provstart med flat track åkare jan willem

Jan is working on a back flip with the FMX boys

Skilled fmx kör flat track

Jan Willem Racar Flat track i Sverige

New  Flattrack i Sverige

Goodbye hug before the Dutch Brothers went back to Switzerland

No this was not any Sunday, this was THE Sunday, the best Sunday of our life. We where gathered at the track in Huddinge with the Dutch Brothers, Skilled FMX, Speedway legend Adam Shields, Love Warriors and the Crew from Eldarna Speedway. Conny had prepared a great track and the grill was pumping juicy hamburgers. Every body had the change to  try Jan's Flat track bike and the Love warrior took a Speedway school with Adam Shields. And once the rain stopped Jan showed us how to run a tracker the fastest way around the track. 
This is the beginning of something absolutely wonderful, just wait and see or join for yourself!

Ps. Thank you every body for a amazing weekend,  especially The Dutch brothers, Freddie Eriksson, the crew at Griparna Speedway, Eldarna Speddway, Peter and Tina, Adam Shields, Conny Hyll, Jon Lindgberg, Krister Gardell, our great pytt i panna makers, our Love Warriors and all the riders. 

Ps #2. Jan Willem i hope your butt is felling better, see you soon this is just a beginning.

//P:Belladonna is still Smiling


Conny Hyll said...

Yeah Tanks everybody a great weekend and a hole bunch off new friends

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