Friday, September 21, 2012

Here we GO!!!!

The start line ready for the FIRST official Flat Track race in SWEDEN

1.Freddie Eriksson
2.Daniel Hellström
3.Åke Jansson

4.Jesper Birgersson
5.Stefan Ahl
6.Fredrik Tysklind
7.Micke Wahlström
8.Kevin Edlund
9.Andreas Olsson
10.Mattias Mensonen
11.Peter Ståhl
12.Rickard Sedelius
13.Daniel Bohlin
14.Stefan Da Silva
15Andreas Higgins
16.Kim Nilsson
17.Kim Hansson
18.Stefan Hall
19.Fredrik Karlsson
20.Anders Bernadsson
21.Jimmy Olsson
22.Simon Gustavsson
23.Markus Engman
24.Felix Helli
We welcomes all the riders!!!
Ps. We promised to wash all the bikes if there are going to be more than 2000 visitor, so if you like to see us get DIRTY (Again) invite ALL your friends!!!
//P:Belladonna loves his life!!!!!

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