Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The FMF Belladonna tracker

We got the assignment from FMF Apparel to show people that is easy and "cheap" to build a tracker and get going on the track.
We got the budget of 2000 Euro and a 100 hour building time range, we got it under 2000 but maybe passed the time range a little bit...
The project is built on a Honda xr 600 ( witch you easily can find cheap on Ebay). We re-cycled every thing except the tank (Yamaha tw), seat (no name from Japan), tires (Dunlop K 180 18/80/130), front wheel ( 18 Yamaha) and exhaust/silencer ( home made).
This summer the bike is going to work as a try out bike during four different practice events in Stockholm.
Hope to see you on your own tracker soon, there is a erupting volcano going on in our New FaceBook group for all the people in to Flat trackers, join your self

//P:Belladonna already joined!!

På två hjul 2012 #1

Here are some pictures from the Mc-Show in Gotenburg this weekend. BDT went down with their partners FMF, Metal Mulisha and Old Ruys Rule, together our both rocked the show.. Aprox 45 000 people visited the show during the 4 days, and some day was pretty intense ( never drink the night before you meet 10 000 people, hot tips from us to you) We really want to thank all the visitors, it have been some wonderful days meeting you all, and so many that read our blog it's awesome.

Ps. Like our new partner Metal Mulisha's New Facebook page here , you will be rewarded, promise you!!

//P:Belladonna there is more..

BDT at the bikers party

BDT was invited to a party by a bikers club to a remote industrial area far outside Gothenburg on Saturday night. BDT wasn't hard to convince since 4 strippers was promised to be at the pole. Once we got there 2 a clock in the morning the party was full speed a head, naked women, bar fights, open outside fire and cheap booze. Well what more can you ask for??
But we got more..!!??Almost everybody recognized us from the blog and treated us like rock-stars!!?? We haven't experienced so much love since our mothers breast feeded us and it didn't take long until Love warrior Cindy Sinn discovered the body fluid covered strip poole...AHH!!

TNX, Svineri MC

//P:Belladonna's body is bruised

The heroes of our life #59 Mert Lawwill

I don't know how many times a watched "On any sunday" but every time i see it it makes me happy ( i have seen it hundreds times). Mert Lawwill is a racing icon and a true hero of our life. Check out more pictures on Mert Lawwill webpage here

//P:Belladonna just become his friend on facebook

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Over and out!

LinkPhotographer Johan Söderström from Motorrad is doing a story about our new FMF BDT Tracker

A normal sight around the BDT tracker

TNX Svineri MC for the Great after party, a classical hoe down!

Flattrack rider Thomas Weigl from Germany

The Guys from Valen custom shop
BDT just finished the Motorcycle exhibition "ON TWO WHEELS" in Gotheburg, the attention around the FMF Belladonna Tracker has been enormous. The interest for Flattrack is shown to be as big as we taught. It is when people gather around a passion that something happens and it will we promise you, update later this week of all the great news. And tomorrow pictures of the " FMF BELLADONNA TRACKER", do as as everybody else join our Flattrack group on face book "FLATTRACK SWEDEN"

//P:Belladonna heading home